WeSave! Charity Play Day 1 Results and Photo Tour

WeSave! Charity Play Day 1 Results and Photo Tour

Time to pick up the fight!

WeSave! Charity Play is a nonprofit online marathon that is taking place on March 20 - 26, 2020. 24 teams from around the globe will participate in the competitive part of the marathon, including such clubs as Natus Vincere, PSG.LGD, OG, Evil Geniuses, Team Secret, and many others.

Here are the results of the competitive matches from the first day:

Geek Fam 2 : 1 BOOM Esports

B8 0 : 2 Natus Vincere

Cloud9 0 : 2 CR4ZY

WePlay! Esports and its partners pledged a prize pool of $120,000, which, along with all the donated funds, will be equally split between CEPI and GlobalGiving to fight COVID-19. At the end of day 1, the total prize pool reached $128,505.

Day 1 photo tour

Find more photos from the studio of WeSave! Charity Play here.

Schedule for WeSave! Charity Play day 2 (03.21.2020)

12:00 (CET)— Preshow 

13:00 (CET)— PSG.LGD vs. Invictus Gaming

17:00 (CET)— Team Liquid vs. OG

20:00 (CET)— FURIA Esports vs. NoPing Esports

Learn more about the event on weplay.tv and our social media: Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Source: WePlay! Esports Press Office
Date: 03.21.2020

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