WePlay! Esports partners up with Esports Charts analytical agency

WePlay! Esports partners up with Esports Charts analytical agency

The parties have already initiated joint activities towards developing new products for the esports market.

WePlay! Esports and Esports Charts interact through exchanging data and statistics, which in turn, are used for analytical and forecasting purposes.

"Esports is populated with lots of misconceptions and very few professionals," said Ivan Danishevsky, the founder of Esports Charts. “I am very glad that WePlay! Esports finds the strengths and opportunities for doing truly structured, systematic, high-level work within our sector. We, the Esports Charts analytical agency, are delighted with our partner’s approach — which builds its project based on proper knowledge and research, instead of relying on random guesses. This path may only lead to victory!

Among other things, Esports Charts supports the development of WePlay! Esports by providing expert reports and assessments of the state of the esports market, as well as its evolutionary trends. The results of this cooperation will be primarily aimed at improving the efficiency and competitiveness of WePlay! Esports.

Any decision must be data-driven. For us, Esports Charts is one of the main sources of reliable statistical data. We appreciate the agency's expertise, which our partners share with us in the process of analyzing and finding solutions,” said Dmitry Karpenko, Business Development Director of WePlay! Esports.

WePlay! Esports is a esportainment company that combines the best experience from the fields of esports and entertainment. Since 2012, WePlay! Esports has been known for its high-quality organization and broadcasting of esports online tournaments and LAN finals.

Esports Charts is a unique analytical service that explores the development trends of esports and streaming in general. Statistics is what makes esports more honest and transparent, helping sponsors, organizers and ordinary viewers to find out the degree of popularity and hype surrounding any particular online broadcast or esports event.


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WePlay Esports is an esports media holding company with key offices in the USA, China, and Ukraine. The holding company combines the best practices of esports, media, and entertainment fields to provide cutting-edge products and services worldwide.

Since 2012, the WePlay Esports brand is well-known for the high- quality organization and broadcast of online esports tournaments and LAN finals. Besides creating and hosting esports events, the holding company’s expertise lies in developing specialized IT solutions and a proprietary tournament platform, as well as brand integration into esports, and media rights sales.

By harnessing what the public is most passionate about — esports and entertainment — the holding embraces the opportunities and challenges in esports that empower businesses. They thereby evolve with this valuable global audience in the modern esports environment.