Meet the broadcast talent behind WePlay Dragon Temple

Meet the broadcast talent behind WePlay Dragon Temple

They’re here to keep you on the edge of your seats

It’s time to announce the commentators of WePlay Dragon Temple. These Mortal Kombat guardians will keep the fans hooked to their screens with professional commentary, detailed and fun match analysis, and cool tournament stats. 

Our broadcast talent        

As the wise monks overseeing the rites of Mortal Kombat, our top talent will keep fans entertained and engaged throughout the event. If you want to be the first to learn about our new talent and player announcements for WePlay Dragon Temple, make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit For more announcements about WePlay Dragon Temple, follow

WePlay Dragon Temple is an invitational Mortal Kombat 11 tournament with professional players. The event kicks off with a round-robin group stage (all sets are best-of-3) with four winners of two groups advancing to a double-elimination bracket (all sets are best-of-5) to decide the winner.

You will be able to follow the action on the tournament’s Twitch channel from December 10 - 13 as the best players will test their might on the fiery stage of the custom-built WePlay Esports Arena Kyiv, with $60,000 on the line.

Eugene “Hitras" Shepelev, Lead Esports Manager at WePlay Esports
Photo credit: WePlay Esports
Eugene “Hitras" Shepelev, Lead Esports Manager at WePlay Esports
Photo credit: WePlay Esports
“While it’s the players that spark the fires of excitement, it’s the talent covering every event that stokes the flame into an inferno of hype matches. Our talent crew intends to do just that.”
- notes Eugene “Hitras" Shepelev, Lead Esports Manager at WePlay Esports.

For extended coverage and exclusives, follow the official media partner of WePlay Dragon Temple, DashFight, an all-in-one fighting game hub.

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Source: WePlay Esports Press Office
Date: 12.02.2020

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