Forge of Masters WePlay League: new participants for the second season are announced

Forge of Masters WePlay League: new participants for the second season are announced

In addition to the previously announced teams, HellRaisers will join the competition instead of AVANGAR. Another teams to join are the second qualification winners — Vainox Gaming and Unique Team

According to the CIS open qualifications which took place on September 14-15 and September 21-22, 2019, the tournament will be attended by teams Dracarys and Unique Team, both from Russia. The European region will be represented by Vainox Gaming from Germany and Copenhagen Flames from Denmark.

Champion of the Forge of Masters WePlay! League first season, AVANGAR, will not be able to participate in the competition due to the busy schedule. Thus the slot of the Kazakhstan team in the group stage goes to HellRaisers.


Direct invites to the group stage were previously obtained by NAVI Junior, forZe, DreamEaters, ESPADA, Winstrike Team, Nemiga Gaming, pro100, Gambit Youngsters and Syman Gaming.

Once again, the main goal behind Forge of Masters WePlay! League is to give the regional teams an opportunity to grow in a healthy competitive environment by participating in regular tournaments. 

The tournament’s live broadcast will be available on the official Twitch channel of WePlay! Esports, matches schedules will be announced later.

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