📢 Forge of Masters. WePlay! League CS:GO announcement

📢 Forge of Masters. WePlay! League CS:GO announcement

WePlay! is proud to announce its professional regional CS:GO league with prominent teams from the CIS region. The new league is created to help discover, inspire and cultivate talented players.

Forge of Masters. WePlay! League will have 3 seasons throughout the year. The first season will start on April 8th and end up with a LAN-event on May 3-5 in Kyiv. This season's total prize pool is $50,000.

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The reason for creating a professional regional CS:GO league is simple. WePlay! wants to contribute to the development of the regional CS:GO esports scene, to enrich the existing infrastructure, and to help the new teams of the CIS region to unlock their potential and to become new stars of the discipline. Evening up the playing field in CIS will improve the general health of international CS:GO scene by providing stronger competition.

WePlay! is inspired by the various national sports leagues that play throughout the year and send their best teams to the top international competitions (such as UEFA Champions League and NBA). Those leagues help to discover and grow players, encouraging teams to work harder.

CIS region has big powerhouse teams, but only a few of them stand out and can compete on the international scene. Forge of Masters. WePlay! League aims to help to make the CIS scene less lopsided and give other potentially strong teams an opportunity to grow out of the shadows of the top-tier teams.

For the inaugural season, WePlay! is inviting eight known teams and giving them a substantial prize pool to compete for. Each victory in the round robin stage will be rewarded with $500 to incentivise the players in every match. In case of a draw (15/15 score), both teams will divide this reward equally.

The official English casters for Forge of Masters. WePlay! League are Adam "Dinko" Hawthorne and Alex "Hawka" Hawkins. Both Dinko and Hawka are a rising CS:GO community stars. In their young age, both Adam and Alex are very close to becoming veteran casters, having worked on events hosted by ESL, ESC, StarLadder, and others.

Tune in to the English cast of Forge of Masters. WePlay! League on this page.

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